Commissioning Ceremony Of The West African College Of Surgeons Permanent Secretariat By The Honourable Minister of Health

On 24/Feb/2017 / In Articles

PROTOCOL I am delighted to be invited to commission the College Permanent Secretariat today.   BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON WACS The West African College of Surgeons started off in Ibadan in December 1960 as[...]

As Nigerians Watch, Narratives Fluctuates Over Buhari’s Health

On 24/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Since President Buhari left Nigeria for London on medical leave, over a month ago, Nigerians have been fed with differing and sometimes conflicting statements over the health status of the number one citizen. And becau[...]

Research: In Early Vaccine Trials, Five HIV Patients Left ‘Virus-Free’

On 24/Feb/2017 / In Articles

A new vaccine-based treatment for HIV has succeeded in suppressing the virus in five patients, raising hopes further research could help prevent Aids without the need for daily drugs.   Researchers combined tw[...]

Mental Health: Headclutcher – A Practical Guide For News People

On 23/Feb/2017 / In Articles

I look pretty striking. Big red hair, big brown glasses, big blue teeth. I’m that sort of caricature that if you pass someone on the street who also has red hair and glasses then you’ll tell me later that y[...]

Womens Health: Toilet Infections and Vaginal Issues

On 23/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Like babies and children, women will always remain in the centre stage or commanding height of men’s thoughts. While many men would bottle urinary problems until they begin to get out of hands, they run helter sk[...]

HIV Rash: What Does It Look Like And How Long Does It Last?

On 23/Feb/2017 / In Articles

For many people newly infected with HIV, a rash is one of the earliest symptoms. A wide range of illnesses, infections, and allergic reactions can irritate the skin, however, so a rash alone is never sufficient to diag[...]

Reversing Maternal Mortality

On 23/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Many Nigerian women die giving birth as a result of pregnancy-related complications. But one woman is trying to reverse this trend, writes Ayodeji Rotinwa   Lightning may never strike the same place twice but[...]

Sex And The Couple: How Often Should Couples Have Some?

On 22/Feb/2017 / In Articles

For the newly married, sex is almost unpredictable, as the frequent, spontaneous sex that happens in honeymoon and during the subsequent weeks after marriage is said to be the new couple’s ways of getting to know[...]

Medical Vacations And Presidential Pilgrims, What's Going On Here? By Rotimi Fasan

On 22/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Since he decided to extend his so-called medical vacation, we are told, on the advice of his doctors, President Muhammadu Buhari’s abode in the United Kingdom is fast becoming a Mecca of sorts. More groups and in[...]

Research: Chewing Gum, Bread Leaves Body More vulnerable To Infections

On 22/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Scientists claim that chewing gum and bread could be bad for your health, a new study reveals. Long-term exposure to a popular food additive leaves the body more prone to infections.   The research suggests th[...]

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