Welcome To UPTH Where Healthcare Providers Can Easily Be Kidnapped!

On 28/Feb/2017 / In Articles

University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital originally commenced its operations in 1980 and was officially commissioned by the federal government in 1985. When it started out, there were 60 beds mainly in use. After[...]

Travel Nursing: Is It Right For You?

On 27/Feb/2017 / In Articles

If you’ve ever picked up a nursing magazine, you’ve probably been mesmerized by those glossy ads for working as a travel nurse in exotic Hawaii, lounging on the beaches of Florida, or skiing in the beautifu[...]

Why I was Suspended From The Lagos University Teaching Hospital: Dr. Olusola Adeyelu

On 27/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Dr. Olusola Adeyelu, a Senior Registrar in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) says criticism of Prof. Christopher Bode’s attempt to extend his tenure as Chief Med[...]

Oral Hygene: Mouth Care

On 27/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Poor oral hygiene can be a common issue at the end of life, so it’s important to understand how oral problems can present themselves and what can cause them. Be aware that oral care can be an intrusive procedure,[...]

On The Presidents Health: GNAN Calls For Unity Among Nigerians And Fixing Our Health System

On 27/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Nurses under the aegis of University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA) have called for unity among Nigerians in this trying period when the President of the country is ill.   In a statement joi[...]

AMLSN – Minister of Health Should Not Turn Nigeria into a Lawless Country

On 27/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Texts Of The Press Conference Addressed By The Association Of Medical Laboratory Scientists Of Nigeria (Amlsn) At Nelrose Hotel Limited Asaba, Delta State, On Saturday, February 25, 2017   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH![...]

NICN Ruling on JUTH: Doctors Have the Proverbial Yam and Sauce

On 27/Feb/2017 / In Articles

I was elated when I read the court judgement involving the management of Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) and the Medical Laboratory Scientists. To me, that judgement has brought to an end the incessant physical[...]

Abortion, Bribery Scandal At Lagos Police College: Punch Investigates

On 26/Feb/2017 / In Articles

A police syndicate collected money and secretly carried out abortions for female cadets at the Police College, Lagos, to falsify pregnancy tests, OLALEYE ALUKO, who went undercover to the police hospital for two days,[...]

Chronic Anger: The Right Way Healthcare Providers Should Express Feelings

On 26/Feb/2017 / In Articles

The other type of day-to-day stress response is chronic anger. Are you constantly holding in anger? Are there people in your day-to-day life who repeatedly make you angry? Do you spend a lot of your time angrily thinki[...]

Why Our Hospitals Are in Bad Shape – Prof. Umaru Shehu

On 26/Feb/2017 / In Articles

Despite the provision of health facilities by the federal, state and local governments, the country still lacks adequate health care for the people. What has been the problem? First of all, enough resources have not[...]

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