WORLD SIGHT DAY: Eye Care for All

On 09/Oct/2015 / In Articles

The second Thursday of every October is set aside as world sight day by the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), a coalition of non-governmental organisations working in the field of eye care. This[...]

Re: Physician, Heal Thyself

On 07/Oct/2015 / In Articles

Physician, heal thyself. This is the title of the recent joint communique released by Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) and Assembly Of Healthcare Professionals( AHPA). The paradox of the whole scenario is that Niger[...]

Embracing the Saintly Minister(s) for Nigerian Health Sector

On 05/Oct/2015 / In Articles

The world is already familiar with the process of attaining Sainthood in the Catholic Church (at least starting from Priesthood to beatification then Canonization). A new version of the concept is however being introdu[...]

UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015

On 25/Sep/2015 / In Articles

More than 150 world leaders will gather at United Nations Headquarters in New York to formally adopt an ambitious new sustainable development agenda at a 3-day summit beginning Friday 25 September.   2015 pres[...]

When Food Is Medicine By Emily Deans M.D.

On 16/Sep/2015 / In Articles

  . Asking about diet can improve outcomes in depression   As medical visits get shorter and more specialized, one thing that often gets missed is a discussion of diet. The doctor might have a couple do[...]

The Nigerian Medical Association and the Public-Private Partnership Lullaby

On 09/Sep/2015 / In Articles

The way and manner in which the Nigerian Medical Association is going about lobbying the federal government to implement their own version of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is at best a lullaby on the President o[...]

The Science Of VIAGRA

On 09/Sep/2015 / In Articles

  Doctor Reveals Exactly How The Little Blue Pill Helps Boost A Mans Performance In The Bedroom  cGMP increases blood flow to the penis and causes an erection to occur After sex, the PDE-5 enzyme[...]

Stella Adadevoh and NMA: When Doctors Disown Their Own

On 05/Sep/2015 / In Articles

Edmund Hillary (1919 - 2008), a great explorer and philanthropist who was one of the pair that first reach the summit of Mount Everest, said: "There is something about building up comradeship - that I believe is t[...]

Difference Between Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) and Science laboratory Technology (SLT)

On 30/Aug/2015 / In Articles

To me, this may be the most important post i would make in this forum not only for the students who want to choose a career in any of the two but to the general public and employers of labour both government and privat[...]

American Heart Associations Life is Why Family Health Challenge™ September 2015

On 30/Aug/2015 / In Articles

  September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and to help raise awareness with families across the country, the American Heart Association has brought back a fun and easy way to help you with the[...]

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