The 2015 Physicians Week Address By The President of The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)

On 29/Oct/2015 / In Articles

Nigerian Medical Association Memebers of The African Medical Association(AFMA) Commonwealth Medical Association(CMA) and World Medical Association(WMA)   Address by The President of The Nigerian Medical Associ[...]

Ministers Manifesto For Education And Health

On 29/Oct/2015 / In Articles

  The Outgoing Vice Chancellor of the Premier University, University of Ibadan, Professor Isaac Folorunso Adewole’s brilliant articulation of his thoughts while responding to the questions by Senators has[...]

Pharmacy Students Memorable Match

On 29/Oct/2015 / In Articles

• The graduating students’ team before the match   It was all excitement and joy at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Benin (UNIBEN), last week, as the graduating class took on their juni[...]

STELLA ADADEVOH - Second Posthumous Birthday of an Unsung National Heroine at 59

On 27/Oct/2015 / In Articles

Today is the second posthumous and 59th year birthday of Dr Stella Ameyo Adadevoh. The 27th day of October 1956 was a date with destiny for the family of Babatunde Kwaku Adadevoh and most importantly the country Nigeri[...]

Lose weight to Avoid Getting Cancer

On 26/Oct/2015 / In Articles

As the world, this month, continues the awareness drive on breast cancer – the commonest cancers among women, experts have found that one sure way to protect against various cancers is to lose weight. This is bec[...]

How Life Course Approach Can Prevent Non-communicable Diseases

On 26/Oct/2015 / In Articles

Lifestyle – the way we live may be chosen or we may have limited choice. It may be chosen in the sense that we may know the right thing to do but choose to do the wrong one. We may have limited choice as the reso[...]

What Putting on a Bra Says About Your Personality By Krissy Brady

On 23/Oct/2015 / In Articles

  Word is putting on a bra reveals a lot about your personality. (This is not a drill.)   Come on, spill: What’s your go-to move when putting on a bra? Do you use your go-go gadget arms to clasp i[...]

Third World Code Blue By BonnieSc

On 18/Oct/2015 / In Articles

  Working in a developing country has reacquainted me with why we do things the way we do in the US. You never realize how much thought has gone into the filling and organization of a crash cart until you ask fo[...]

Medical Laboratory Science: The Hidden Profession That Saves Lives

On 17/Oct/2015 / In Articles

As an undergraduate microbiology major and MS student in virology, I envisioned a career in the clinical laboratory at some exciting hospital conducting microbiological testing to identify disease-causing microbes. &[...]

PIHAN Proposal on Regulation of Medical Internship/ Housemanship

On 16/Oct/2015 / In Articles

Prospective Interns/House Officers Association of Nigeria (PIHAN) Proposal for the proper regulation of Medical Internship/Housemanship    Critical Challenges been faced by Prospective Interns/House Offic[...]

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