Brief History of the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria (ARN) BY Joshua Sule

On 15/Mar/2017 / In Articles

The Association was formed at Ibadan ( Adeoye Hospital ) in May 1958, and she had her first conference at Ibadan. The Association had consistently struggled for the emancipation of the profession without the legal fr[...]

Hope And Trust Are Two Powerful Medicines We Should Use More Of; By David Rosenfeld, MD

On 15/Mar/2017 / In Articles

Medical science is moving forward at breakneck speed.  Advancements in stem cell research, robotics and nanotechnology promise a new era of molecularly targeted medications, replacement body parts, and regenerativ[...]

Joseph Chuks: Drama, Pandemonium and Stray Reasoning Hit ASSOPON/NMA

On 13/Mar/2017 / In Articles

Since the declaration of NICN judgement between Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (AMLSN) JUTH vs Management of JUTH in favour of AMLSN, there has been no dull moment in the camp of Association of Pathologis[...]

Ministry Fires Whistle-Blower Who Exposed $229,000 Fraud

On 13/Mar/2017 / In Articles

Just as the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Prof Itse Sagay, Thursday took a swipe at two agencies of the administration for still engaging in untidy deals, President Mohammadu Buhar[...]

Brain is ten times more active than previously measured

On 12/Mar/2017 / In Articles

A new UCLA study could change scientists’ understanding of how the brain works — and could lead to new approaches for treating neurological disorders and for developing computers that “think” mo[...]

Ignorance kills kidney disorder patients

On 12/Mar/2017 / In Articles

March 9, 2017 was World Kidney Day, a day set aside for global awareness on the importance of kidney. The day was part of the campaign to urgently reduce the risk factors for chronic kidney disease, CKD, in the world.[...]

Spike in mental health cases: Matters arising

On 12/Mar/2017 / In Articles

Recent reports suggest that there has been an unprecedented upsurge in documented cases of mental illnesses across the country. Whereas in the past a high percentage of cases were attributed to substance abuse, experts[...]

INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY - Celebrating Nigerian Women, Immortalising Stella Adadevoh

On 08/Mar/2017 / In Articles

Every 8th of March has become a day to celebrate and appreciate the strength of womanhood in the areas of political, economic and social sphere. It has also snowballed to be an avenue to highlight the myriads of challe[...]

RE: NICN Ruling on JUTH: Doctors Have The Proverbial Yam and Sauce

On 06/Mar/2017 / In Articles

This article is a reply to the recent post made by Dr. Paul John on the NICN jugdement and was tittle: Re: John Paul And The Sad Errors Of A Misunderstanding Of The English Language.   Many times in Nigeria, E[...]

Re: John Paul and the Sad Error of a Lack of English Comprehension

On 03/Mar/2017 / In Articles

Many times in Nigeria, English language causes a lot of misunderstandings. More accurately, a sorry lack of appropriate English language comprehension skills leads to unnecessary misunderstandings and needless conflict[...]

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