We Will Sanction Operatives Who Shot Doctors Car – NSCDC

On 06/May/2017 / In Articles

The Commandant, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Bayelsa State Command, Mr. Desmond Agu, says two of his men, who allegedly harassed and shot at the car of a medical doctor in Yenagoa, will be severely sancti[...]

Alcohol Is a Pretty Effective Painkiller, Study Finds

On 04/May/2017 / In Articles

Alcohol is a pretty effective pain reliever, a new study spotted by The Independent finds—in some cases, better than some painkillers. New research in the Journal of Pain examined 18 different studies on pain and[...]

Fake Doctor, Who Posed In Scrubs To Seduce Women On Muslim Dating Site Then Blackmailed Them Is Ordered To Pay Back Thousands

On 04/May/2017 / In Articles

A fake doctor who posed in scrubs to seduce wealthy Muslim women on a dating site before blackmailing them with sex tapes has been ordered to pay nearly £3,500 to his victims.   Farhan Mirza, 38, was wor[...]

In Their Obsession With Numbers, Doctors Sometimes Forget Who Patients Are; Patients

On 03/May/2017 / In Articles

The consultant note read: Weight 250 lbs. BMI 40.3.  Patient is morbidly obese.  Counseled on the dangers of excess weight.  Counseled to increase exercise and decrease calories.   I walked into[...]

Wondering Why Car Headlights Are So Painfully Blinding?

On 02/May/2017 / In Articles

Anyone who drives at night knows the problem. An approaching car rounds a bend or crests a hill and a dazzling glare fills the windscreen and you can’t see. It is extremely frightening and several seconds may ela[...]

The Practice Of Medical Laboratory Sciences VS Clinical Laboratorty Practical: Setting The Record Straight

On 02/May/2017 / In Articles

Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)  is legally professionalized by the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria Act 11, 2003 (MLSCNA). Section 29 of the MLSCNA provides that "Medical laboratory science&quo[...]

Five Doctors Tell; How I Survived After Being Sued By Mark Crane

On 27/Apr/2017 / In Articles

Getting Sued Is Extremely Emotional; "Don't take it personally. It's just business." That's what gangsters in The Godfather say to a rival mobster they are about to rub out. In the same vein, plai[...]

What It REALLY Means When A Fly Lands On Your Food (And Why You Should Stop Eating And Throw It Away Immediately)

On 25/Apr/2017 / In Articles

Flies carry 200 forms of harmful bacteria on their arms and legs, an expert says. They transfer those germs onto your food even if they only land on it for a second. Flies also tend to throw up digestive enzymes onto f[...]

Tribute! Remembering The Nma Ekiti 7 Who Died Along Abuja-Kaduna Road

On 24/Apr/2017 / In Articles

April Twenty-Fourth! 2016. This date has stuck to my memory like it’s super glued to my frontal lobe since last year.  It was a Black Sunday! Many lives were lost. Dreams cut short. Aspirations thwarted. Chi[...]

Psychology: There Are 19 Types Of Smiles But Only Six Are For Happiness

On 22/Apr/2017 / In Articles

Our grins are not as simple as they seem. There are a myriad different ways to smile – and some of them can conceal some less than happy feelings.   As they hovered over their victims, knives at the read[...]

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