100% Fruit Juices May Raise Cancer Risk

On 15/Jul/2019 / In Articles

A new observational study finds a link between the consumption of sugary drinks, including 100% fruit juices, and the risk of cancer.For some time now, researchers have been linking sugary drinks with a wide range of h[...]

WHO Warns of Too Sugary Baby Foods

On 15/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Commercial baby foods often contain too much sugar and display confusing ingredient lists, according to a UN report that proposed new guidelines Monday to improve infant diets. The World Health Organization (WHO) exami[...]

The Threat And Proliferation Of Quackery By Private Hospitals of Quacks In Abia State By Nnena RN

On 12/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Its no news that a facility in Lagos state called Aishat Specialist Hospital located in Lagos state had its day in the media when flyers celebrating the impending graduation of its "Auxilliaries designated as nurs[...]

The Family as Resource for Nurturing Youths’ Mental Health

On 12/Jul/2019 / In Articles

The family has long been recognised as a fundamental unit of social organisation in the lives of humans. Regardless of the specific pattern of family life, the foundational narratives, myths, legends, folklore and all[...]

Benefits of Blood Donation, by Experts

On 12/Jul/2019 / In Articles

The Ayedeye family still bear the scars of the untimely death of their wife and mother despite the passage of time. With her pregnancy less than eight months old, Fatimah found it amiss that blood oozed from her privat[...]

‘Mental Health Diagnosis should resonate with Patients’ Experiences’

On 12/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Mental health patients want mental health diagnostic descriptions to better reflect what they feel like to live with their conditions. This is contained in the World Health Organisation’s new global manual of dia[...]

Fertility Hospital Records One Baby Every Three Days

On 11/Jul/2019 / In Articles

With the mission of reducing the burden of infertility in couples, a Nigerian fertility hospital, Bridge Clinic has recorded over 2,550 live births since 1999 till date.   Typifying one baby in every three day[...]

Agenda for Next Health Minister

On 11/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Who is fit to be the next health minister? What should be his or her qualification? What should the next minister focus on to revive the ailing sector?   These are some of the questions on the minds of some st[...]

How to Reduce Maternal Deaths, by KAMA

On 11/Jul/2019 / In Articles

The Chief Medical Director (CMD), Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) Ikeja, Lagos, Prof. Adetokunbo Fabamwo, has urged pregnant women to register for antenatal care during their pregnancy so that complic[...]

Why Garlic, Onion, Ginger are Best for Cancer

On 11/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Recent studies have provided explanations on why omega-3 fatty acids in oily fishes, green tea, garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric and vitamin D are best anti-cancer supplements.   The studies published by Medica[...]

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