Nigeria Loses N132bn to Malaria Annually — Expert

On 01/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Nigeria losses about N132 billion to malaria annually, the country’s World Malaria Day Planning Committee has revealed.   Chairman of the committee, Dr Uzodinma Adirieje made the disclosure while briefin[...]

Dentist Counsels Nigerians on Mouth Odour

On 30/Mar/2019 / In Articles

A Dentist, Dr Simon Audu, on Friday advised Nigerians to be cautious of their oral hygiene, and to take practical steps toward preventing mouth odour (halitosis). Simon, who is also the Secretary of the Nigerian Dentis[...]

Anatomy of a Heartburn

On 30/Mar/2019 / In Articles

It begins with a munch of that hot, spicy beans porridge. You swallow, and it travels through your gullet to your stomach. A ring of muscles opens like a valve to let the food in. Acids go to the stomach to break down[...]

Know your HIV Status Through Self-testing, Experts Counsel Youths

On 30/Mar/2019 / In Articles

A Public Health Specialist, Dr. Oliver Ezechi, has encouraged Nigerian youths to know their HIV status through self-testing to help in eliminating the infection.   Ezechi, a member of the Nigerian National HIV[...]

Stop Trimming Newborn Nails by Biting – Paediatrician Warns

On 29/Mar/2019 / In Articles

A Paediatrician, Dr Okiemute Olibamoyo, has warned mothers against trimming the nails of their newborns’ by biting to avoid biting off the babies’ flesh and contracting diseases. Olibamoyo of the Department[...]

Sustaining Progress In Ending HIV Pandemic

On 28/Mar/2019 / In Articles

According to the 2014 HIV Sentinel (ANC) Survey, the HIV prevalence for Nigeria was 3 per cent, representing about three million people and making it the 2nd highest HIV burdened countries in the world after South Afri[...]

Child Marriage: Still a Pressing Global Health Concern

On 28/Mar/2019 / In Articles

Child marriage remains a serious human rights violation against young children, which has been quite difficult to eradicate. It’s not just an issue specific to the African continent, but a dangerous problem occur[...]

Tuberculosis: A global Public Health Threat

On 28/Mar/2019 / In Articles

Tuberculosis is a serious bacterial infection that is fast becoming a public health disaster. Currently, tuberculosis is responsible for an alarming 4,500 deaths globally every single day, making it the world’s d[...]

5 Ways To Manage Blood Pressure Without Medication

On 28/Mar/2019 / In Articles

Blood pressure is a measure of the force that your heart uses to pump blood around your body and high blood pressure is a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high.   Lifes[...]

How Low-Carb Keto Diets Cause Heart Diseases

On 28/Mar/2019 / In Articles

Trendy low-carb diets popular with celebrities raise the risk of a developing an irregular heartbeat linked to strokes, warns a new study. The low-carb – or ‘keto’ – diet trend is all the rage,[...]

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