Prevention and Treatment of Sand Fly Bites

On 12/Nov/2019 / In Articles

A four-year-old girl had multiple black spots on her arms and the legs. The spots seemed to disfigure the girl and they itched badly, forcing her mother to take her to several hospitals in search of cure.   So[...]

How to Become a Fellow of the West African College of Nursing BY H.A Okedo

On 12/Nov/2019 / In Articles

The West African College of Nursing (WACN) is a specialized agency of the West African Health Organization (WAHO). WAHO is an international health organization with headquarters in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.  [...]

Expert Faults Malaria Diagnosis in Africa

On 12/Nov/2019 / In Articles

The Rector, ANDI Centre of Excellence for Malaria Diagnosis, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Prof. Wellington Oyibo, has identified poor malaria microscopy capacity for peripheral blood examination as one of[...]

Having Children is linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease, New Study Suggests - But Don’t Let That Put You Off

On 11/Nov/2019 / In Articles

Children are stressful. The more children you have, the more stress you have to manage. But that’s not all, having lots of children might raise more than just stress levels. Our latest research suggests having ki[...]

Sickle Cell and Avascular Necrosis Operation

On 09/Nov/2019 / In Articles

The last time I wrote about myself, I said I had to have a blood exchange and this in readiness for avascular necrosis operation in my shoulder.   The non-stop constant pain started in August 2017. I initially[...]

Nigerians Urged To Embrace Sports for Healthier Lifestyle

On 09/Nov/2019 / In Articles

Nigerians have been urged to embrace fitness by taking up more sporting activities in order to live a healthier lifestyle.The advice was give at the IESL Fitness Groove, organised by IESL Engineering, a foremost engine[...]

Medical Doctors Will Soon Rally Traditional Medicine for Integrative Treatment of Ailments’

On 09/Nov/2019 / In Articles

Following The recent pronouncement by the Federal Government to give total support to traditional medical practitioners, and the protection of their intellectual property rights, and in line with the theme for the 2019[...]

Management of Adolescents’ Menstrual Pain

On 08/Nov/2019 / In Articles

The adolescent period is the period of life when a child develops into an adult; the period from puberty to maturity, technically categorised as children from ages 10 to 19.   The joy of every parent is that t[...]

PHC Remains Top Priority of My Administration – Akeredolu

On 08/Nov/2019 / In Articles

The Ondo State Governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, has stated that primary health care delivery was one of the top cardinal programmes of his administration, saying he would continue to invest in it by ensuring that basic n[...]

Preventing Child Malnutrition

On 08/Nov/2019 / In Articles

Malnutrition as a critical disorder occurs when a person’s diet doesn’t contain the right amount of nutrients. It simply means ‘poor nutrition’ and can refer to undernutrition – not gettin[...]

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