How to Prevent Premature Deaths

On 18/Jun/2019 / In Articles

Treating high blood pressure and cutting down on salt and trans fats could prevent nearly 100million premature deaths globally, experts have said.The three interventions could slash the numbers of people losing their l[...]

IVF Gaining Acceptance Among Childless Couples but Beyond Reach of the Poor

On 18/Jun/2019 / In Articles

Female and male infertility is a huge problem in many countries across the globe, including Nigeria. However, many families have opted for In Vitro Fertilisation to overcome the challenge. Dayo Ojerinde writes that in[...]

Woman Discovers She Has Had A Six-inch Surgical Clamp Inside Her Stomach For 23 YEARS After Going In For A Caesarean

On 18/Jun/2019 / In Articles

A woman has spoken of her horror at discovering she has had a metal surgical clamp inside her abdomen for 23 years after a caesarian section at a Russian hospital. Ezeta Gobeeva, 62, has experienced years of acute pain[...]

Taking 5,000 Steps Daily Enough to Lower Risk of Early Death

On 17/Jun/2019 / In Articles

We have all heard that getting in 10,000 steps every day is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But a new study suggests you might be able to lower that daily benchmark and take half as many steps.   Resea[...]

Low-Amp Electroconvulsive Therapy May Relieve Suicidal Thoughts

On 17/Jun/2019 / In Articles

New research compares lower amplitude electroconvulsive therapy with standard amplitude for the treatment of suicidal ideation and finds that the former relieves suicidal thoughts without affecting cognitive or memory[...]

Diabetes Drug Metformin Alleviates Anxiety in Mice

On 17/Jun/2019 / In Articles

A drug given to millions of people to treat their diabetes could alleviate anxiety, research suggests. Tests on mice showed those given metformin showed less signs of anxiety-like behaviour.   Scientists belie[...]

How Poverty, Trauma in Childhood Cause Early Puberty, Premature Brain Development, Mental Illness, by Study

On 17/Jun/2019 / In Articles

Growing up in poverty and experiencing traumatic events like a bad accident or sexual assault can impact brain development and behavior in children and young adults. Low socioeconomic status (L-SES) and the experience[...]

Two Giant Murals for Psychiatric Hospital

On 14/Jun/2019 / In Articles

One of them is called “Wings’’. It is a life-size painting showing large colourful wings on the flanks of an individual whose head is substituted with a bass. The background to that image is the blue[...]

Men’s Health Week: Key Facts and Figures

On 14/Jun/2019 / In Articles

This week is the International Men’s Health which seeks to increase the awareness of health issues that affect men and boys. According to the Men’s Health Forum, the week is also a time to make men aware of[...]

Research Finds Chicken, Beef Raise Cholesterol Levels in Equal Measures Compared to Vegetable Diet

On 13/Jun/2019 / In Articles

Eating chicken and other white meats may be just as bad for your heart as a diet rich in red meats such as beef, lamb and pork, according to new research.Red meat has become a demonized ingredient in recent years, afte[...]

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