Eating Peppery Foods Can’t Protect From COVID-19 – Nutritionist

On 02/Apr/2020 / In Articles

As Nigeria’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 soar with more cases recorded in Lagos State, findings by NAN showed that some residents are deploying unscientific measures as protection against the virus.   Th[...]

I’ve Fears COVID-19 Funds Will Be Looted –Olaniyan

On 02/Apr/2020 / In Articles

In this interview with OLADIMEJI RAMON, Legal Adviser at Amnesty International Secretariat, London, Dr Kolawole Olaniyan, speaks about Nigeria’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the right of Nigerians to qua[...]

Three Mild Symptoms That Tell Doctors Which COVID-19 Patient Will Have Severe Lung Disease

On 01/Apr/2020 / In Articles

Researchers have determined that three mild symptoms could help doctors to determine which COVID-19 patient will likely develop severe lung disease while undergoing treatment for the infectious disease. The mild sympto[...]

Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Lead To Untimely Death – Expert

On 01/Apr/2020 / In Articles

The Lead Medical Officer, Sleep Inc Limited, Lagos, Dr Chike Opara, has advised Nigerians suffering sleep disorder to seek proper treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, adding that the condition may lead to an untimely[...]

Novel Coronavirus Update

On 01/Apr/2020 / In Articles

At the end of February, I had published an article titled ‘Corona Virus Urgent Precautions,’ giving strong warnings on the need to take precaution in our Country and create some checks at the border. &nbs[...]

How To Strengthen Immunity During Coronavirus Pandemic

On 01/Apr/2020 / In Articles

As the coronavirus situation intensifies, you might be wondering: How can I keep myself healthy? The answer lies in following the latest guidelines on social distancing, proper handwashing and your local stay-at-home[...]

Opinion: Public Health, Africa And COVID-19

On 31/Mar/2020 / In Articles

I am resident in two worlds of blunt contrasts. On a good note, daily at every turn, those contrasts offer privileged lessons on the richness and complexity of the human experience, of our world.  In this observat[...]

I Have Won, I Celebrate My Resilience, Says COVID-19 Survivor

On 31/Mar/2020 / In Articles

One of the discharged survivors who tested positive for coronavirus has recounted her experience inside the isolation centre in Lagos State after she was given a clean bill of health yesterday, March 30.   The[...]

Coronavirus Not Death Sentence, Say Survivors

On 31/Mar/2020 / In Articles

Five persons who had tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) were discharged yesterday from the Infectious Diseases Centre, Yaba Mainland Hospital. The survivors, four males and a female, had been undergoing treatme[...]

Global Shortage Of Capacity Threatens Efforts To Contain COVID-19

On 30/Mar/2020 / In Articles

As the number Nigerians battling the COVID-19 rises above 97, there are indications that global shortage of testing capacities, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ventilators, may threaten the chances of patients[...]

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