The Nigerian Healthcare System, A Battle Field For The Fear Of Unknown. By Frank U. C. RN, CIEH.

On 11/Oct/2017 / In Articles

"On The NMA Power tussle with JOHESU".  What do you think the Prognosis will be?
I will like to take it up from where Prof. Alonge, Chief Medical Director, University College Hospital Ibadan Nigeria ended his speech these past few days and I quote;
"Everyone should know their limitations and other professions should be respected."
If not for Ego and Pride of our dear Doctors or can I say their desire to be in charge and Lord over other healthcare professionals, why should they exhibit fear and fight to prevent fellow medical professionals from getting to their peak in their various fields clinically in the public and private healthcare sector. This I see as a disease condition called "Consultant" affecting the Nigerian Healthcare System with the below nursing diagnosis; "Anxiety related to fear of disease Prognosis, evidenced by statements and letters to FG not to honor the demands of JOHESU" 
This condition got me thinking but for a moment i needed to give an adequate Nursing actions and implementations I had to understand the meaning of the condition, consultant. A consultant (from Latin: Consultare, "To Deliberate") is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as security, management, education, accountancy, law, human resource, science or any of many other specialized fields. In which the medical Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist and other healthcare professionals fall into. 
No one is an island of knowledge not even any profession. 
According to the statement of Dr.Olubunmi Omojowolo, a Nigerian medical association member who boldly stated that consultancy in other healthcare professionals cannot work in a teaching hospital but admitted that there are consultant Nurses and Pharmacists in other countries but only in private hospitals brings me to my next question;
1. If it's working in other countries, why can't it work in Nigeria?
2. If it's working in the private healthcare sector, why can't it work in the public?
3. Has there been any report that the Nurse or Pharmacist consultant went beyond his/her limits of practice in areas where it's working? 
If the answer is "No" which I strongly believe because they have an organized healthcare system, why can't we discard our "Ego" and work with the government to develop a policy that will accommodate all practice, with clear lines drawn for  each consultants limits.
Let's give room for "LogicalDiscussions" from every other medical profession in the management of our patients both in the public and private hospitals in Nigeria and not a particular group claiming monopoly of knowledge and certain positions in the sector and see if our healthcare system in Nigeria will not take a new look. 
As I conclude my line of thoughts, this is working in other countries, it can also work in Nigeria. So let's join hands and rebuild and rebrand our healthcare system so people from other countries can also come for medical tourism in Nigeria and Stop our citizens including those in govt. And the political class from flying to other countries for medical care and check ups.
Teamwork and collaboration is what we need at this time.
Kindly drop your answers to the questions on the comment section.
God bless the Nigerian Healthcare System!

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