Microbiology Swab
Posted: 10/Mar/2017

With the aim to increase effectiveness of the processes in the sanitary system, Deltalab has created the range δswab, with 4 types of swabs (Standard, Urethral, Nasopharyngeal and Minitip), 4 transport liquid media for bacteria and for virus (Amies, Cary Blair, Vicum and Virus) and 2 enrichment media (Tioglicolat and Selenite).

The new swabs, made of polystyrene and head of flocked polyester, guarantee the maximum absorption of the sample and elution into the liquid medium. This range of liquid transport media allows both manual and automatic streaking. The material and the design of δswab family, with a softer cover and conical-bottom tube that ease the agitation, provide greater comfort and convenience for the user. Moreover, it requires less handling and guarantee the maximum tightness, a fact that minimizes potential cross-contamination that may occur during the process.

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