CPR Manikins: Laerdal, Prestan, Nasco, Simulaids
Posted: 02/Jun/2016
Little Family Pack of Manikins: 
Now Laerdal brings you realistic, affordable quality CPR training in one "Little" happy family package - the new Little Family Pack. Designed to reflect the realistic anatomical differences between an adult, a child and an infant, the new Family Pack comes complete with one Little Anne, one Little Junior, and one Baby Anne; each with their own training mat.  It is functional realism with all the essential features!  Students will benefit from the most realistic, age-specific manikins on the market today.
Now quality CPR training is all in the family - the Little Family Pack from Laerdal.
Little Prestan Family Collection
  • 1 torso only adult manikins with CPR monitor, 1 child manikin with CPR monitor, and 1 infant full body manikins with CPR monitor
  • Now with even more feedback with the CPR monitor based on the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC
  • Trains students in  adult, child, and infant rescue and CPR
  • Latex free
  • Includes 10 Adult Face-Shield Lung Bags, 10 Child Face-Shield Lung Bags and 10 infant Face-Shield Lung Bags, an Instruction Sheet and nylon carrying case


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