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Lagos Pharmacists Give Sanwo-Olu 4-point Agenda

On 19/Mar/2019

Towards expanding frontiers in the quest to build a virile and productive health system that will be a a National benchmark in the running of health inclined endeavours in Nigeria, pharmacists under the aegis of the Ph[...]

8 hours sleep daily essential for brain health — EXPERT

On 19/Mar/2019

NIGERIANS have  been advised to get at least eight hours of sleep daily to be in optimal health.    A Consultant on Mental Health and Sleep Physician from Toronto University, Dr Adeoye Adefemi told N[...]

Study reveals avocado stone reduces inflammation

On 19/Mar/2019

Many people eat the yellow-green flesh inside avocados and throw away the skin and stone inside, however a new study has suggested that the stone could be the healthiest part of the fruit.   Researchers from P[...]

Signs you are suffering from acoustic shock disorder

On 19/Mar/2019

John, 40, works at a radio station and his job involves sitting in the studio using a head set throughout the day, for his music, phone-in programmes and talk shows. He said two years ago, he began to feel as if he was[...]

Prostate cancer and its effect on men

On 19/Mar/2019

The awareness about prostate cancer among Nigerian men is very poor, Many present in the hospital when the disease is already advanced. Please kindly use this  your “must read” column to share highligh[...]

Ensure regular eye check to prevent glaucoma – Expert advises

On 19/Mar/2019

A Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Festus Osoba, on Sunday urged Nigerians to ensure regular check of their eyes with the right professional to prevent late presentation of glaucoma disease. Osoba ,who is the Founder of[...]

Nigeria Society Of Neurological Sciences 51st Annual General and Scientific Meeting in Abuja

On 19/Mar/2019

51st Annual General and Scientific Meeting in Abuja 2019 Theme: The Tomorrow of Neurosciences in Nigeria Sub – Theme: 1.  Challenges and Future in the Management of Hydrocephalus 2.  Cognitive[...]

Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Job Interview Notice for Medical and Dental House Officers

On 19/Mar/2019

Job interviews: Please attend written & oral interviews at OAUTHC Ile-Ife by 9am on 25/03/2019. Posts: MEDICAL HOUSE OFFICER DENTAL HOUSE OFFICER Please Note Come with original credentials, (L[...]

Early detection, treatment can curb oral disease, says Adewole

On 19/Mar/2019

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, has said early detection and treatment are crucial to ensuring the best outcome against oral diseases and associated health complications.   Adewole, who was repres[...]

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